Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Voseq, web database for molecular phylogenetics

  • Are you working in molecular phylogenetics? Do you and your lab produce lots of DNA sequences. 
  • Are you tired of trying to find your sequences among several text files and Excel sheets? 
  • Do you wish there was a easy-to-use database to keep track of sequences and their associated voucher specimens? 
  • Did you ever wished there was a system to create molecular datasets for analysis in PAUP or MrBayes by just a few clicks of a mouse? 
If the answers are "yes", then VoSeq might be for you. VoSeq is a voucher and DNA sequence web application database aimed for people working in molecular phylogenetics.

Main features of VoSeq:

  • Keep track of your sequences and associated voucher specimens. 
  • You upload your data to VoSeq and the back-end relational database will allow you to easily search, fetch, update, etc your DNA sequences or voucher data. 
  • With a few clicks, you can create ready-to-run datasets in NEXUS, Phylip, TNT formats, as well as FASTA files for submission to GenBank. 
  • Use the BLAST capabilities to find similar sequences among those you have, or BLAST against GenBank. 
  • Automated integration with public web services such as Flickr (for posting your voucher photos) and Yahoo Maps (for plotting voucher localities). 
  • You can install it in your computer for private use, or set it up in a shared server for collaborative work via the internet. 
  • and more. 
The publication describing VoSeq came out recently:

Peña, C. & Malm, T. (2012). VoSeq: a Voucher and DNA Sequence Web Application PLOS ONE, 7 (6) DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0039071

Carlos Peña: mycalesis@gmail.com 
Tobias Malm: tobemalm@gmail.com